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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Location & Excavation

  Pre-formed Ponds 16
  Form Your Own Ponds 16
  Depth 18
  Sides 18
  Measuring for liner size 22
  Digging the Hole24
  Keeping it Level26
  Setting the Liner29
  Above Ground Pond31
  Gravel Bottom33
  Measuring Pond Volume36

Chapter 2 - Pumps & Filters

  Sparkling water secrets 37
  The 3 basic kinds of filtration 38
  Lava Rock Filter System 39
  Plywood Filter 44
  Stock Tank instead of a barrel 45
  Depth of Lava Rock 50
  Pump Size 50
  Filter cleaning 51
  Undergravel Filters 53
  Small Pond UG Filter 57
  Pumps 58
  Maximal Circulation. 60
  Electricity 60
  Suction Screen 61

Chapter Three - Waterfalls & Aeration

  Waterfalls 63
  Waterfall as Oxygenator 64
  Using Landscape Rock 67
  Foundation 67
  Water Losses 68
  Waterfall Discharge 69
  Hiding the Filter behind a Waterfalls 69
  Secondary Ponds 72
  Streams 73
  Fountains 75
  Airstones 76

Chapter 4 - Fish

  Fish costs 77
  Fish Loading Formula 78
  Carp 78
  Where to buy fish 79
  Koi 79
  Tropical Fish 80
  Catching the Fish 82
  Tadpoles 83
  Catfish 84
  Wild Fish 84
  Fish Food 85
  Fish Food Costs 86
  Get them to eat out of your hand. 87
  Fish & Birds 87
  Fish in Winter 88
  Parasites 89
  Fish Ulcerations 90

Chapter 5 - Water Quality

  The first fill 91
  Circulation 93
  Evaporation 93
  Oxygen Capacity of water 94
  pH 95
  Thermoclines 96
  Limiting Factor 96
  Freezing 97
  Salt 98

Chapter 6 - Flowers & Fauna

  Water lilies 102
  Water Hyacinth 106
  Parrot Feathers 107
  Anacharis 108
  Hornwart 109
  Sagittaria 110
  Cattails 110
  Duckweed 111
  Other plants 112
  Algae 112
  Snails 113
  Nutrients & Fertilizer 113
  Aphids and other Plant Eaters 114
  Bugs 118

Chapter 7 - Miscellaneous

  KEVIN 119
  RAKE 123
  SKIMMER (home made) 125
  Plant Soil 128

Chapter 8 - Summary

  COSTS 135
  Tinkering 137
  Contact the Author 137
  Glossary of Terms Used 139
  References & Sources 147
  Links to my own pages first (naturally): 147
  Various Pond links 148
  Personal Pond Sites 148
  Large Pond Sites 151
  Technical Sites 152
  Commercial Sites & Catalogs 154
  Phone Resources & Catalogs 157
  BOOKS 159

Index - Pg 161

722 (cross) indexed entries spread over 14 pages
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