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"I just wanted to take a second and than you for a well written and very informative book! ... "

"Thank you so much for getting back to me so fast... They are Christmas presents because I have heard that this is the best book on the subject..."

"My wife and I became interested in water gardening about two years ago. We started by purchasing Gosta's book "Ponders Bible". Using instructions from within the book, we formulated a design and utilized some of the bargain methods contained in the book. We did the construction ourselves with no prior experience. ... My wife and I installed everything with no prior experience and have successfully operated the pond for the last 14 months. Much of the success came from knowledge taken from Gosta's book. The finished pond is 3500 gallons with a natural biological filter. It rarely ever needs maintenance and is almost entirely self sufficient. ... It was not very difficult and people on this list have been very helpful with specific questions. They are also a good source for local suppliers of parts, materials, and ideas."

"I have and swear by your "Ponder's Bible". It's been a lifesaver for both me and my fish! ...

"I've learned more from the Ponder's Bible and the list than from the previous three years, (and two small ponds as my original fish have grown,) of generally successful ponding experience. ... Though not valuable, he is one of my first fish, very social, and my main inspiration to construct the third and final pond, using your book, to correct all of the errors inherent in the two small ones."

"... answered more questions than I knew I needed the answers to. Thank You"

"... am much more happy now. Life is good again. But the short of it is your book was a great help and your online help has been a life saver."

"... You make ponding easy! ..."

"... It's amazing what I am learning in just the first half of the book. Can't wait to start my new ponds. ..."

yesterday i finished Gosta upflow bio filter for my 250 gallon pond. ... buy his book it's worth it's weight in gold! Built mine with a 27" plastic flower pot from Home Depot-$14, three ... fittings $16- ..., Gosta thanks a million-my Mother-in law watched and thinks I'm a genius

Just got your book. After skimming, I am extremely pleased! Saw the under water lights and wondered why I didn't think of that! I gave you a plug on Water Gardening Magazine Forum. Some folks there will burn your book for some of your metholdology. ...

I took the liberty of giving you a plug in the Books section of Table Talk, a thread called "Indecent Passion - Gardening Books".

It was all I expected AND MORE! I read it from cover to cover within the first two days of receiving it .... and then read it again! The simple, common sense approach to creating a watergarden (pond) has given me new hope that I too can be successful in keeping healthy fish in a setting that also will give great pleasure.

Got ... "Ponders Bible" in the post today, very impressive I must say. ... Very nice writing style and you are talking to the people on the street, that helps a lot. ... and you must write more books (if you have time) what about " The Duckponders Bible"?
From VDP in South Africa

... Ponders Bible ... arrived ... just as I was being admitted to hospital. About the only thing I enjoyed about hospital was reading your book. After convalescing for a few weeks, I'll start on my long range building plans. My 26 year old son keeps wondering why I call him Kevin.
From Ken in Camperdown, Australia

I ordered and received the Ponders Bible. Good book. Well worth owning. Excellent references, sources and tips about building a pond and associated equipment while saving a buck where you can. Glad to add it to my aquatic library ... Note: I've got $50.00 in the "Biofalls" and it will perform the same function as the $250.00 storebought version. Same thing for the skimmers. I think the Ponder's Bible paid for itself.

"Say, I can't believe how fast you were in sending the Ponder's Bible that I ordered. I ordered it on Monday and got it yesterday. Wow! Your writing style is really enjoyable and easy to read. "

Finally a really down to earth book by a great guy who really loves ponds and has done it all. He gives details way beyond the typical book on ponds. Its clear that he has been experimenting with techniques for a long long time. I own about 25 pond books and this one is absolutely the best and is indispensible. I have learned more from this book than all the others combined. Get this book if you want to do it right the first time, or if you want to learn how to keep a pond healthy. You cant go wrong with this book. (Posted on   Amazon.Com  )

"Hello, First off I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your "Ponder's Bible" it really is comprehensive and fun to read. My only regret is that I didn't have this book available to me 9 years ago when we built our first 600 gallon Koi pond, because I would have doubled the size then, long before I had 16, 2 foot plus Koi to displace while I enlarge our current pond ..."

"... common sense and logic shine through. ... so not only have you helped me, my daughter, my sister, now my "Boss"! Please keep up the good work."

"What a neat big, little, inexpensive book for the dyed in the wool do-it-yourselfer...."  Click here   to read more of what a long time professional pond installer & koi expert has to say about the Ponder's Bible.

"FYI I have read many books over the last year on ponds. I do want to thank you for writing "The Book." All the other writers seem to work for the co. that sell the high dollar items for ponds. You tell us, how to do it, do it right, and save money. I thank you."

"I got my book yesterday and BOY do I like what i'm reading! Thank you ..Thank you!!"

"I added an underwater light to my pond this week....wow if you don't have one you are missing out on a lot of fun. I used the instructions in the Ponders Bible and it worked like a charm... the instructions were great. The only thing that was a bit hard was going to the auto parts store and getting the light bulb...these plans (alone) are worth the price of the book... Well that is my update. Happy ponding"

"Amen on the BIBLE. I bought one and am nearing completion of an 8,500 gal pond. ... book will not lead you wrong. It is very common sense and ... shows you how to save some major money and when NOT to SKIMP ... ."

"Best I have seen yet. No tricks or gimmicks, just good ponding."

"Got it, Read it, Loved it, Kim"

"Thanks for the detailed information. ... You also saved me a great deal of money as I purchased the EPDM liner at a roofing supply place and stayed away from expensive commercial filters."

"Just gotta say thanks for the biofilter design you use in your book. I have recently been into a site where people were comparing notes on what they go through every year, (or twice a year) to clean out their filters. It is absolutely unbelievable and disgusting, especially when I consider how user friendly mine is. So, thankyou thankyou thankyou."

"Finished your book last night. An excellent beginner book and basic resource... "

"... unique style and wit makes for easy reading but more importantly it is easy to understand and follow; written for the novice as well as the expert ponder. ... common sense and economical approach to doing things is a breath of fresh air and a true money saver."

"P.S. Sure did enjoy reading your book!"

"Just got your book. After skimming, I am extremely pleased! Saw the under water lights and wondered why I didn't think of that! ... Some folks will burn your book for some of your methodology. ... Nuff said."

"One piece of advice that I can give that is a must for any person starting a pond is get the Ponders Bible. I ordered it and received it 4 days after ordering. ... The author truly is a ponder and loves to share his experience and knowledge. Don't know how I would have solved some problems without it. "

“I've said it before, but it's worth saying again. Thanks to you I am enjoying my first pond immensely.

“…a very good job! I'm sick of reading books that use language only a biologist can understand!”

... I bought the Ponder's Bible and am building my pond by its instructions. The Swede's concept for a bio filter out of a stock tank is absolutely perfect. I built one in a day with a 150 gal stock tank. The book shows you how simple it can be. Some ... books try to make pond building into rocket science, which it isn't.... Also, if you build one in the front yard, I PROMISE you will meet all of your neighbors. ... they keep coming back ... to check up on the progress. It is really fun to see all of the otherwise anonymous neighbors come flocking in to check out the pond, falls, and fountain. I highly recommend it! ..."

Fun and easy to read and most importantly ... informative.

“Nothing to sell. Just good old fashioned neighborly discourse.

“… thoroughly informative, it was exactly what I was looking for.”

“…Very down to earth and common sense, not to mention, funny….”

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