(NOTICE - As of June 2007, The Ponder's Bible is out of print. Amazon may still have copies in stock.

May 2010 - I have had numerous request to reprint The Ponder's Bible but for various reasons I am unable to. Should any publisher be interested, please contact me. The first edition sold over 5,000 copies with no marketing beyond this website. - GHL)

From A-Z the Ponders Bible covers everything Making a Pond is easier than you might think Nothing to hide here People rave about the Ponders Bible     Are you thinking about a fishpond for your house? Something fun and cool to do? Interested in adding value to your property without spending a wheelbarrow full of money?

    The Ponder's Bible is a well organized, thoroughly indexed guide to everything you need to know to build and maintain your own low maintenance pond.

   Generously illustrated and easy to follow (49 illustrations and diagrams plus lots of photographs) makes an invaluable GUIDE for intalling your first pond and an indispensible REFERENCE BOOK for ever after.

        The Ponder's Bible has MORE ILLUSTRATIONS and (A LOT) MORE TIPS than any other pond book on the market.

    It contains ALL you need to know to have a SUCCESSFUL POND. It tells where to get the BEST BUYS and pitfalls to avoid.

   Using only one tip (of the dozens and dozens) in The Ponder's Bible will be worth the truly modest purchase price many times over.

    Those who already have a pond will find The Ponder's Bible to be invaluable when the occasional problem or question pops up (as they always seem to do for true "ponders").

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    Over the years I've received literally hundreds of testimonials from all over the world. (And FIVE STARS from all Amazon reviewers)

Here's just a few I've received personally: ...

I just read your book, wow. I couldn't put it down until I had read the whole thing. So much needed information in 1 little book, thank you for writing it....

... As a side note, I am a 60 year old Certified Financial Planner with zero mechanical ability. Yet even a klutz like me was able to follow the directions in the Ponder's Bible. Solder? Wire something? Mix concrete? Are you kidding me? Thanks Gosta for showing me that I could do things I never imagined..."

... to say you have put out a fabulous book! It is just what I was looking for and I am so glad someone told me about it. I'm a "do it yourself" kind of person and this is just what I needed. (All the pond stores and experts had me confused as to what filter I needed and HOW MUCH it would cost.) I have had my own pond for 10 years (100 gals) so I understand the concept, but plans of going to a 3000 gal pond had me worried until I got your book, in the mail. THANKS! ...

"Thank you so much for getting back to me so fast... They are Christmas presents because ... this is the best book on the subject ..."

"I have and swear by your "Ponder's Bible". It's been a lifesaver for both me and my fish! ...

Gosta thanks a million-my Mother-in law watched and thinks I'm a genius

I own about 25 pond books and this one is absolutely the best and is indispensible. I have learned more from this book than all the others combined.

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